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Villa Retro sells selected, handpicked second hand items from flea markets and auctionsWe specialize in scandinavian ceramics (mostly Swedish and Danish brands) vintage jewelry and bijoux, retro textiles, funky lamps, brass candleholders, decorative birds, wooden things, beautiful vases and flowerpots… Okay, the list is getting too long. Basically, we specialize in things that we like.


We handpick items according to the simple principle   ”stuff we like and would consider having in our own home”.

This includes work from well-known Scandinavian designers like Jens Quistgaard and Stig Lindberg as well as noname designs that are still fantastic objects. We think that the looks and feel of an object are more important than the stamp or signature it wears. These selected items are sold through the web but we also keep a small showroom and boutique in our house in Björkekärr, Gothenburg, open occasionally on Sundays and according to agreement. 


The best way to keep updated on our opening hours and the items we sell is to follow us on Facebook and Instagram

We are in the process of building a web shop but in the meantime you are welcome to buy objects we post on social media and on this blog. If you are looking for a certain object or want help or inspiration with gifts you are welcome to use our service Personal lopper. This is a personal shopper focusing on second hand items, including unique objects and things that are no longer in production, calling for some detective work finding them. Contact us on personallopper@blogg.villaretro.se.

Villa Retro opened in December 2013, and is run by Alexandra Weilenmann as a hobby side project to keep her (reasonably) sane from the hard work of an associate professor at University of Gothenburg.

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  1. Hej Alexandra och Kaspar,
    Väldigt kul att ses på Saras AW! Fick go energi av det. Vi kommer gärna och kollar Villa Retro en dag. Skicka gärna en liten puff när ni har öppet nästa gång. (Kaspar, även ett besök i flygelrummet vore kul – framöver när det passar). Kram Henrik

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